GuardlyGuard - The Writer

Head writer and the self-proclaimed leader of the bunch. Not only does he write all of the story, he also works on everything else not covered by the other two. Hobbies include reading, playing fighting games, and building mechanical keyboards.


Candybag - The Artist

Artist and idea thrower. When he's not working on the dozens of other projects he's on, he puts extra time into this little dream project. Candybag does everything from character designs, promotional art, and anything else art related for Only A Mask. Anime and video games are his forte.


MystryMew - The Editor

Based in Chicago, MystryMew (Yes his name is spelled correct) is a theater buff who has an eye for lighting and and an ear for sound design. On top of working on numerous productions and writing some of his own as well, he moonlights as Only A Mask's editor. He also likes Pokemon A LOT.